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we’ve been pretty slack here at WMS, its been winter here, if thats any excuse. neut has continued his affiliation with fantastic Czech label Narcorpses, and Pavel has been ramping up the releases with a bunch of tapes, as well … Continue reading

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woolly mammoth sound’s most obsessed over records of 2013. had to stop at 25…

we listen to a lot of music at Woolly Mammoth Sound, and this year we have been swimming in it, we’ve turned off the tv, and filled the air with an eclectic selection of sounds. 2013 has been a great … Continue reading

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Lazerus Pit

so, we’ve been promising a feature for some time, and for one reason or another (lets just say procrastination/cold weather/life) it has taken this long to get here… but hey, its all good in the end, especially since interviewing Lazerus … Continue reading

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Kid Koala

Kid Koala’s newy has just dropped. Space Cadet, book and soundtrack. super nice. here is an oldy…

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Leyden Jar – mixed by neut

“the sound of capacitors firing” was the theme for this mix, heavy electronics, evoking electricity… the artwork contains a beautiful original image by Tracey Holland, entitled Charged Vessel …series. Leyden Jar iii 2007. investigate her website, beautiful work, thanks Tracey … Continue reading

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sasQwax vs. Six Ton Armor

Pete sasQwax has finally finished his Six Ton Armor mix. the man that has more projects on the go than anyone i know, promised to come up with something different for Six Ton Armor. not a sequenced selection of tracks, … Continue reading

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Wet Taxis re-edits

when i hit the shores of Australia in the early 80’s, Severed Heads were one of the first Australian experimental electronic bands i had heard. a friend played me a tape, Taxidermy, by Wet Taxis, pre-dating Severed Heads, full of … Continue reading

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Michael Latimer

While i procrastinate since returning from my trip to the snow, there is a guy from South Yorkshire who would never fit this category, painstakingly hand drawing straight lines, concentric circles, drawing every imperfection in amazing detail. Some would think … Continue reading

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a repost from a mates most excellent mixtape blog, Meatskull. proud to be a Meaty Pal, here’s creator Lyndon Pike dropping a live radio collaboration with Paul Gough aka Pimmon… Pimm’n’Pike “It’s a one take collaboration set between myself and … Continue reading

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Six Ton Armor release Buddy Peace mixtape

since Six Ton Armor surfaced, there has been a few DJ’s/Producers that we’ve hoped would submit a mix, Buddy Peace being the obvious example. next level mixtape stylee. part mix of other peoples music, but heavily edited, chopped and skewed. … Continue reading

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