80’s all over again

digging out old records is always a fun thing, but heading back to the 80’s is a dangerous thing… coming to Australia in 1983, and listening to Tim Richie’s late night radio show on JJJ, playing all kinds of weirdness, got me hooked, taking the train from Newcastle to Sydney and spending all my money at shops like Red-Eye Records, buying up anything that was challenging. a lot has dated 30 years on, but there’s gold in there, and some of that gold was pressed into Remnants From Sleep, a virtual C90 tape. this stuff predates some sounds we hear today, praised for pushing things forward, yet artists like Burial, Shackleton, Vatican Shadow, to name a few, are obviously happy to look back at that gold, and brings those sounds back to now. was fun making this, I hope its not too weird for you.

remnants from sleep art

side a

Muslimgauze ‘hammer & sickle’
Attrition ‘the wrecking ground’
Portion Control ‘out of order’
Psychic TV ‘thank you part 2’
Portion Control ‘simple as abc’
Holger Czukay & Konrad Plank ‘biomutanten’
Non Toxique Lost ‘hia’
This Mortal Coil ‘fyt’
A Primary Industry ‘perversion’
Konrad Becker & Monoton ‘mutation-waltz’
Portion Control ‘karsic’
Pump ‘do this’

side b

Coil ‘the sewage workers birthday party’
Die Form ‘ataxia’
Bushido ‘somebody up there likes me’
Mass ‘cabbage’
Wiseblood ‘stumbo’
Coil ‘s is for sleep’
Muslimgauze ‘baize tents’
Muslimgauze ‘green is the colour of the prophet’
Nagamatzu ‘muslim’
Stress ‘the prayer clock’
The Test Department ‘the face of freedom (12″ version)’


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2 Responses to 80’s all over again

  1. Warren Carney says:

    Will be getting this one tonight for sure, looks great

  2. rare Coil, early Muslimgauze, Portion Control gems, some surprising post-punk, pre-Wolfgang Press, and probably one of the best Jim Foetus songs ever!

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