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three outstanding Buddies

the newest of the new, Stop Smiling, top shelf material. if you missed the tape, you need to wake up to Hot Pudding. Season 1 and 2 of Attention Deficit Digging five minute mix[up]s. Advertisements

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this is how you re-edit…

Buddy Peace is most certainly a skilled and talented DJ. he has far more to offer though. this is a prime example of taking the re-edit to a whole new level. learn.

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Wet Taxis re-edits

when i hit the shores of Australia in the early 80’s, Severed Heads were one of the first Australian experimental electronic bands i had heard. a friend played me a tape, Taxidermy, by Wet Taxis, pre-dating Severed Heads, full of … Continue reading

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Six Ton Armor release Buddy Peace mixtape

since Six Ton Armor surfaced, there has been a few DJ’s/Producers that we’ve hoped would submit a mix, Buddy Peace being the obvious example. next level mixtape stylee. part mix of other peoples music, but heavily edited, chopped and skewed. … Continue reading

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Go To Hell, Bastards! (Six Ton Armor mix)

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some old re-edits…

stumbled upon these the other day, two old Roots Manuva re-edits. when his second album dropped thats when i became a convert, he can do no wrong…

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