virtual C90

a virtual cassette, it’d be a C90 if it was real, 45 minutes a side. firmly in the electronic, beats, breaks, bass. boom.

tonal drift art


Air Liquide ‘things happen’
Ekoplekz ‘skalectrikz 12’
Shadowhuntaz ‘fasho’
Cage ‘worm in her vein (instrumental)’
Cherrystones ‘blacker forest’
Alexanders Dark Band ‘eh 0400’
Shadowhuntaz ‘stop’
Public Enemy ‘resurrection (instrumental)’ / Spider & The Flies ‘space walking’
Tigermoth ‘chinatown’
Thegntlhmn ‘moon revolutions’
Boomruin ‘shark membrane’
Coil ‘inkling’
Alias ‘unseen sights (instrumental)’
Boards Of Canada ‘happy cycling’
Kelp ‘clear off’


Aupheus ‘exoskeleton’
Two Lone Swordsmen ‘nostik’
Tigermoth ‘pesto’s house (apple sticker mix by DOS4GW)’
Big Pauper ‘plant gardens bomb banks’
Amon Tobin ‘bad sex’
Pilot Balloon ‘vampire tonic’
Intricate ‘efforts’
Spectre ‘intermezzo’
Kobra Audio Labs ‘mothbreath’
Larvae ‘dead beat’
7 Hurtz ‘stokers motor (version)’
Ad Vanz vs Gescom ‘viral’



About woollymammothsound

music obsessive, dj, music journalist, procrastinator, art absorber, family man.
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1 Response to virtual C90

  1. Warren Carney says:

    You had me at Gescom

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