woollymammothsound is not to be taken too seriously.  the content is for your enjoyment, to spark your imagination.  there’s no set format, just a collection of weird and wonderful things to stimulate the senses, both aurally and visually.

expect to uncover some incredible music from the past, and some groundbreaking music of today.  there won’t be links to download the latest albums, we’ll leave that to someone else, but we will post the odd track, mixtapes, podcasts and sound bites.  you can stream or download the mixes for your continual enjoyment, use them to discover new sounds, seek out new music, and support the artists you discover, buy a record, CD, T-shirt, concert ticket.

video’s of visually stimulating subject matter will be included, still images of amazing artists work, graff artists, photographers, designers.  seek out their DVD’s, books and gallery showings, or take a walk down the street and appreciate the painted walls and buildings.  we will be featuring a graff artist periodically, there is so much talent out there.  if you’re an artist/photographer/designer get in touch.  we love new art.  we want to tell everyone else about it.  art enriches our lives after all.

if you object to anything shown on this blog, please let us know, and we will immediately remove the content.  we don’t do this for money, just the joy of turning people onto new things, and hopefully inturn they will support the musicians and artists.

you can find us here too:

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