west / somewhere

we’ve always loved westerns here at Woollymammothsound, even if it is the more obscure ones. Ennio Morricone is the obvious reference, so here is a short mix of others homages to the Morricone sound. we can see the tumbleweeds, we saw them on the beach today.

west_somewhere art

Johnny Cash ‘the mercy seat’
Tommy Guerrero ‘duel in the dust’
Clutchy Hopkins ‘sound of the ghost’
Meaty Ogre & Om ‘sunset at midnight’
Dangermouse & Daniele Luppi ‘the gambling priest’
Mr Moods ‘the two pistoleros’
Glen Porter ‘prehistoric cowgirl (extended version)’
Calibro 35 ‘una stanza vuota’
DJ Blood1 ‘a storm is coming’
Ignatz ‘do not wake me’
Howard Maple ‘you guessed it mr maple’
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra ‘song for ennio’
Mr Moods ‘cold water’


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Other World Edits

something a bit more uptempo, edits, remixes, things rearranged.

other world edits art

Justin Velor ‘oscillations (Cherrystones remix)’
Grinderman ‘bellringer blues (Al Lover remix)’
Spaced Cowboy ‘aegean’
Faust ‘meltdown of t-electronique & apocalypse (Sofa Surfers remix)’
Shawn Lee ‘dead man walking’
Tame Impala ‘elephant (Todd Rundgrean remix)’
The Time & Space Machine ‘elektra rising’
Electrelane ‘film music (Treva Whateva remix)’
The Time & Space Machine ‘psychedelic circus’
Nephews Of Phela ‘uhuru mash up’
Triumvirat ‘e minor 5-9 (neut edit)’
Allez Allez ‘african queen (Quiet Village Project remix)’


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so let’s get back to some psyched up drums, just drums, a bunch of tracks I’ve been listening to that have great drums, so you can expect lots of drums.

drms art

Position Normal ‘bedside manners (hidden outro)’ + Spaced Cowboy ‘grrlllzzzz’
Hawkwind ‘brainstorm’
Gila ‘kommunikation’
Francoiz Breut ‘vingt a trente mille jours’
My Solid Ground ‘the executioner’
Adrian Younge ‘sirens’
Francoiz Breut ‘la boite de nuit’
Trans Am ‘firepoker’
Illy B ‘pedestal of ill fate’
John Pain ‘deaf white guy’
MRR-ADM ‘013’
Tenshun ‘search and destroy 6’
DOT ‘say your prayers (Cherrystones remix)’
Broadcast ‘drums of fire’
Mr Moods & Jenova 7 ‘gin joint’
EP-4 ‘robothood process’
Gonjasufi ‘holidays (MRR remix)’
Triumvirat ‘illusions on a double dimple (neut re-drum)’
Sixtoo ‘jackals and vipers in envy of man part 11’


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psych mix year one: from the vaults

after a crazy bush walk with good friend Sir Robbo and my son, down to Bulgo, discovering almost what seemed to be another world, a world with off the grid shacks, beach communities, and Wickerman style offerings on the beach, and probably due to digging through Sir Robbo’s rather amazing records, this mix was created for the folks over at Delarge, it kinda started something for me, it was Easter 2008…. my search was on from here, to source old psych gems, and mix them with stuff like this.

lone sound art

Elektriktus ‘flying at sunset’
MHE ‘unknown 6’
Tenshun ‘fuck officer wahl 11’
Serge Gainsbourg ‘danger bonus beats’
Thavius Beck ‘money instr’
Qwel & Meaty Ogre ‘id glue instr’
Amon Duul II ‘kismet (Pilooski edit)’
Reezm ‘one horse town’
ie merg ‘unknown battle track 3’ + Muslimgauze ‘under the burka (gia mix)’
MRR-ADM ‘013’
Justin Sayne ‘the word is now a pleonasm’
Earthling ‘nefisa (Portishead mix)’ + Deckard ‘crawling under’
Meaty Ogre ‘city of god’
Malcolm Catto ‘spaghetti’
Alexanders Dark Band ‘eh o400’ + Modern English ‘silent world’
Viktor Vaughn ‘ode to road rage’
Tenshun ‘nihilism 9’ + Alexanders Dark Band ‘san fran funk’
The Gaslamp Killer ‘show stopper’
The Heliocentrics ‘before i die (hip hop instr)’ + Portishead ‘sheared box’
Opus ‘symbiotic’
Waxfactor ‘foreign objects’ + Rehash ‘sweep (nod to a xian)’
Max Bill ‘goochie’
Alexanders Dark Band ‘strange man’
Sixtoo ‘incedental 6’
Bolaphone ‘first finger (your waste)’
Bo Hansson ‘fog on the barrow downs’
MRR-ADM ‘012’
Alexanders Dark Band ‘one minute beat’
Tenshun ‘sloth 14’
Serge Gainsbourg ‘la horse bonus beats’
Alexanders Dark Band ‘space donkeys on crack’
Giallos Flame ‘keoma’


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Celluloid Tension

another from the vaults, an old favourite, mixed by neut @ The Timbre Mill early 2008, released in 2009. artwork by Lyndon Pike.

celluloid tension cover

SEVA ‘suspended animation’ + MHE ‘004’
Dials ‘east of gillham’
MHE ‘mhedos (000)’
Sixtoo ‘outro’
Dalek ‘forever close my eyes (Larvae remix)’
Boards Of Canada ‘growing hand’ + Keystones & Malcolm Catto ‘connie’s thing’
Qwel & Meaty Ogre ‘practice for hope instr’ + Skyrider ‘untitled’
Tom Tyler ‘carmel conclusion’
Deckard ‘utopia’
Bracken ‘heathens instr’
Blockhead ‘dough’
Dalek ‘maintain’ + Controller7 ‘specialist’
DJ Signify ‘winters going instr’ + Villain Accelerate ‘rookie card’
The Prunes ‘dsb style’ + Gravediggaz ‘nowhere to run (Portishead mix part 2)’
Sixtoo ‘outremont mainline runs across the sunset instr’ + U-Point ‘eurt’
Sixtoo ‘antagonist survival kit instr 4’
Mnemotrauma ‘i’m leaving’
Scott Matelic ‘ripple effect’
Mumbles ’embrace the mystery’
Buddy Peace ‘slow gang funeral’
MHE ‘bassdrum (demo)’
Meaty Ogre ‘mystic earth adoration’
Express Rising ‘dead mall’
Elektro4 ‘velvet’
Jel ‘delete sound’
MF Doom ‘mullein’
Deloise ‘mirar de un ayer’
Dabrye ‘take me home’
Chasm ‘compurhythm’
Mr Cooper ‘one’
Deckard ‘die zone’ + DJ Noizcut ‘drips of madness (Bolaphone remix)’
Jackson Jones ‘lamp post instr’
Sixtoo ‘duration part 6’
Glen Porter ‘satire’
Tenshun ‘sloth 8’
Tenshun ‘search & destroy 1’


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neut – NO TRUST

In the land of Oz, where this humble studio sits, we have undergone an election. now we don’t usually do politics here, and we promise we won’t. all I will say is our population is largely blind, happy to absorb Murdock press, the art of thinking for yourself a rare skill, it’s a sad day when a so called Christian, who is also sexist, racist, homophobic and just a general bigot becomes your prime minister. we read the feeds every couple of hours, knowing social change has not yet come, neut picked some bonkers tunes to while away the hours, music to vent, crazy music, sounds to blast from the car stereo, a snapshot of frustration. it’s hard to accept a pm who is out of touch with modern marriage, women’s choices, basic refugee rights and climate change. this is just a collection of tracks we think are bonkers, which is a positive thing, unlike our bonkers election outcome.

no trust art

Can ‘millionenspiel’
Skylab ‘knickers of a girl’
Malcolm Catto ‘copter’
Piero Umiliani ‘protestations juveniles’
Black Sabbath ‘iron man instrumental’
The Sign Of Four ‘morphine’
Spaced Cowboy ‘thriller’
Dr Smith & Professor Ludlow ‘ugly’
Forever Pavot ‘sable mouvant’
Pierre Raph ‘gilda and gunshots’
Goat ‘golden dawn’


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Mata Gente ‘FRACTURES’

fractures made by jones

life brings frustrations, but life also brings happy accidents, coincidences that make us smile, that inspire us. we, not unlike everyone else, need to purge these frustrations, we choose music. Mr Jones often punishes our ears with his recommendations, but Dead Fader sparked a distant memory of dark and dirty sounds blasting from some accommodating warehouse, and the energy this meant in our youth. one night in the studio, vinyl, digital, some pent up aggressions, and a blank canvas, Mata Gente struggle to polish their debut ep, so decide to deliver some caustic electronics. blurry eyed Sunday morning conference finalising the artwork Made By Jones. art feeds from itself, we know that, we like that.

Simon Boswell feat. Lemmy ‘a piece of pipe’
Demdike Stare ‘dyslogy’
Ekopleks ‘ekoplatz’
Anodyne ‘close your eyes (corporation street remix by Autechre)’
Vatican Shadow ‘september cell (the punishment)’
Miles ‘blatant statement’
Big Pauper ‘ innecessary human enterprise’
Portion Control ‘strapped down (neut edit)’
Ekoplekz ‘xylem teardrops’
King Cannibal ‘hundred eyes closed’
Legion Of Two ‘and now we wait’
Chasing Voices ‘acidbathory’
Monoton ‘tanz auf dem strom’
Miles Whittaker ‘ledensform’
Ekoplekz ‘narco samba’
Ultragash ‘coda’
Dead Fader ‘autumn rot’
Mata Gente ‘backwards’
Ekoplekz ‘vented probe’
Tod Dockstader ‘bellstomppond dance (Mordant Music reMMix)’
Igor WakhĂ©vitch ‘amenthi (attente de la seconde mort)’
Muslimgauze ‘wish of the flayed’
DOS4GW ‘alter ego’
Muslimgauze ‘gilded madrasa’

Mata Gente

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Podcast for Walter Gross

neut WG Podcast

our favourite outsider artist Walter Gross has hosted the latest neut mix.


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paysage psychedelique

paysage psychedelique art

Francoiz Breut ‘ciudad del mar’
Death And Vanilla ‘the unseeing I’
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra ‘super storage’
Locust ‘the flower lady’
Joe Beats ‘blunted lapdance’
Express Rising ‘a treasure smile’
Terry Clear ‘enola’
Mononome ‘endless nights (the secret melody)’
Boards Of Canada ‘sundown’
Adrian Younge ‘enemies all around me instrumental’
TheGntlmn ‘alchemy’
Naik ‘space tourism’
Tor ‘paper rain’
Boomruin ‘haz’
Lilacs & Champagne ‘king of kings’
Spaced Cowboy ‘hallucinations’
Voice Of The Seven Woods ‘if luck could kill’
Sign Of Four ‘humulus lopulus’
Dj Noizcut ‘dirty t-ssues’
The Declining Winter ‘yorkcitythree (Thendof remix)’
Bird From The Abyss ‘bird from the abyss’
Tarentel ‘warm glass’
John Pain ‘darkness floats’
Mr Moods ‘playing cards’
Dreas ‘borrowed time’


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Hidden Distortion

diggin in the archives, dug this up from 2008, distortion, lots of it.

hidden distortion mixtape art

special thanks to Yusuf for sharing the knowledge, and Kendall for the original photograph of ‘catedral del sal’, which was the source for the final artwork. cheers guys.

Tarentel ‘cosmic dust’ + The Black Keys ‘thickfreakness’ + The Dylan Group ‘perseverance furthers’
The Gaslamp Killer ‘the essence of’
Diplo ‘sarah’
Son Of Bricklayer ‘limbo’
MHE ‘000’ + Earthling ‘black thunderbird’
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra ‘t’s theme’
Tenshun ‘sloth 18’
Unkle ‘time has come (Portishead remix)’
Glen Porter ‘the life’
Set Fire To Flames ‘there is no dance in frequency and balance’
The Desert Rats ‘sohonie’
Francoiz Breut ‘silouette minuscule’
Bowery Electric ‘coming down’
Reanimator ‘playing with old flames instr’ + Wooden Shjips ‘blue sky bends’ + One Day As A Lion ‘if you fear dying’
Mute Math ‘reset’
MHE ‘005’ + Voice Of The Seven Woods ‘underwater journey’ + Maiki ‘pero caidra fred i temps’
Koushik ‘shooting stars’
Stromba ‘manphibian’
The Heliocentrics ‘noise’
Voice Of The Seven Woods ‘quicksand & wildfire’
MHE ‘008’
Portishead ‘live excerpt’
Kalyanji Anandji ‘dharmatma theme music (Tommys edit)’
El Stew ‘untitled 3’ + Zack Hill ‘dark ant’
Flying Lotus feat The Gaslamp Killer ‘gang bang’
All Traps Set ‘vergessenes gesetz’
Radiohead ‘the national anthem’
101 Strings Orchestra ‘flameout’
Beastie Boys ‘transmitions’
Dos Mukasan ‘untitled’
Xela ‘never going home’
Morti Viventear ‘dans la cabane’
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra ‘drum monkey’
The Oscillation ‘liquid memoryman’ + Klaus Doldinger ‘sitar bonus beats’ + Grantby ‘timebooth’
Stromba ‘blue skin’
101 Strings Orchestra ‘trippin’ on lunar 07′
Mice Parade ‘a dance by any other name’ + Bumps ‘thorny joint’
Mr Chop ‘brainticket’
Boom Bip ‘the use of unacceptable colors in nature’
Mr Chop ‘monolith voodoo vibes’
Portishead ‘small’
Glen Porter ‘blue moon’


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