so let’s get back to some psyched up drums, just drums, a bunch of tracks I’ve been listening to that have great drums, so you can expect lots of drums.

drms art

Position Normal ‘bedside manners (hidden outro)’ + Spaced Cowboy ‘grrlllzzzz’
Hawkwind ‘brainstorm’
Gila ‘kommunikation’
Francoiz Breut ‘vingt a trente mille jours’
My Solid Ground ‘the executioner’
Adrian Younge ‘sirens’
Francoiz Breut ‘la boite de nuit’
Trans Am ‘firepoker’
Illy B ‘pedestal of ill fate’
John Pain ‘deaf white guy’
MRR-ADM ‘013’
Tenshun ‘search and destroy 6’
DOT ‘say your prayers (Cherrystones remix)’
Broadcast ‘drums of fire’
Mr Moods & Jenova 7 ‘gin joint’
EP-4 ‘robothood process’
Gonjasufi ‘holidays (MRR remix)’
Triumvirat ‘illusions on a double dimple (neut re-drum)’
Sixtoo ‘jackals and vipers in envy of man part 11’



About woollymammothsound

music obsessive, dj, music journalist, procrastinator, art absorber, family man.
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2 Responses to drrrmsss

  1. Warren Carney says:

    Can’t wait hear the drums on this one then!!! ________________________________________

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