neut – NO TRUST

In the land of Oz, where this humble studio sits, we have undergone an election. now we don’t usually do politics here, and we promise we won’t. all I will say is our population is largely blind, happy to absorb Murdock press, the art of thinking for yourself a rare skill, it’s a sad day when a so called Christian, who is also sexist, racist, homophobic and just a general bigot becomes your prime minister. we read the feeds every couple of hours, knowing social change has not yet come, neut picked some bonkers tunes to while away the hours, music to vent, crazy music, sounds to blast from the car stereo, a snapshot of frustration. it’s hard to accept a pm who is out of touch with modern marriage, women’s choices, basic refugee rights and climate change. this is just a collection of tracks we think are bonkers, which is a positive thing, unlike our bonkers election outcome.

no trust art

Can ‘millionenspiel’
Skylab ‘knickers of a girl’
Malcolm Catto ‘copter’
Piero Umiliani ‘protestations juveniles’
Black Sabbath ‘iron man instrumental’
The Sign Of Four ‘morphine’
Spaced Cowboy ‘thriller’
Dr Smith & Professor Ludlow ‘ugly’
Forever Pavot ‘sable mouvant’
Pierre Raph ‘gilda and gunshots’
Goat ‘golden dawn’



About woollymammothsound

music obsessive, dj, music journalist, procrastinator, art absorber, family man.
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2 Responses to neut – NO TRUST

  1. Yusuf says:


    And the artwork is dope!



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