retro-sphere – mixed by neural

an old never really finished mix, but here it is, glitched for your enjoyment.

retro-sphere art

Dalek ‘distorted prose (Kareem remix)’
Xndl ‘repitition’
Sensational Meets Kouhei ‘sensachre 10 mix (Autechre remix)’
Two Lone Swordsmen ‘foreververb’ / Villain Accelerate ‘pitch control’
Dabrye ‘no child of god’
FLYamSAM ‘the offbeat’
Rustie ‘dog mask’
Xela ‘dance macabre’ / Buddy Peace ‘collapse suite, autumn 1974 (part 2)’ / Ellis Island Sound ‘vig charm’
Odd Nosdam ‘dc (bit)’
Larvae ‘less than now’
Thavius Beck ‘the storm before the calm’
Inner Science ‘diaphanous’
1032 ‘blue little’
Remdog ‘long ago & far away’
Waxfactor ‘adverse chamber (remixed by 2tall)’ / Yao ‘rep your clan’
Various Production ‘shouldl’
Jahbitat ‘shutterspeed’
Tycho ‘cascade’
Jaytram ‘ether’



About woollymammothsound

music obsessive, dj, music journalist, procrastinator, art absorber, family man.
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