a fitting end…

neural started DJ’ing in 1989, but it wasn’t until ’90/91 (sorry, the years have impaired my memory…) that he did his official first gig at Cryogenisis at the Dumbarton Hotel in The Rocks Sydney. a tonic for the hectic rave lifestyle, offering ambience and experimental electronica. Seb Chan and Luke Dearnley were paramount to its creation, becoming one of Sydney’s most consistent and long standing experimental music nights. showcasing DJ’s and musicians that dug deep into the leftfield, it managed to survive 20 years, morphing with the times from early Cryogenisis Sunday sessions, to island gigs, and transforming itself to the legendary Frigid. the pair as Sub Bass Snarl have played just about everywhere over the years, their decks and effects setup firing up many a dancefloor and chill-out room over the last 20 years.

two professional guys, not content with being busy with their careers, have keep Sub Bass Snarl relevant, hosted their own radio show, successfully published Cyclic Defrost from a zine to the respected magazine it is today, but all good things must come to an end i guess…

with the departure of Seb Chan, moving his family over to New York to accept what is an amazing opportunity for his career, Seb and Luke are putting Sub Bass Snarl to rest… one final ambient gig in the park, following by a 3+ hour set at Void on 21 October 2011, both neural would have loved to attend, so many old faces would be present, nostalgia in a good way.

[photographs by Bim Ricketson]

after much badgering, we can now download their final ever set from Void, recorded live, music spanning decades. stream or download for your aural pleasure.

without these guys i would not have started DJ’ing, or started writing about music… much respect from this camp. Seb, you will be missed, this is a fitting end to an incredible couple of decades.


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